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The mobile mandate

Supporting mobile today is not a “nice-to-have”, its a mandate. The adoption rate of mobile technology is unlike the adoption pace of any other technology in history. Over 92% of people 17-24 sleep with their mobile device in the bed with them. The promises behind “the internet of things” will undoubtedly bring an even wider array of devices, experiences and users.

Robust Revenue Channels

With that in mind the question of whether to support mobile seems obvious but the question of how to do it can be more complex. Responsive design is an essential part of any modern website but some organizations can benefit from mobile applications as well. Understanding how to fully harness the power of mobile sensors (video, location, social awareness etc.) can be the difference between merely checking the mobile box and creating a robust mobile revenue channel.

Every day we help our clients answer questions about what to implement, what platforms to support and app vs. Web. From strategy, to platform, to design and content, we deliver world-class mobile solutions for our clients and their customers.

Case Study

Video Manager lets mobile users treat all video as something they can share.

Case Study

Helping magazines to be as engaging on mobile as they are in the living room