A Rauxa Company

Experience Design

The building block to achieving business goals

The road to building great digital experiences starts with the user, ends with the user and partners with the user all along the way. From creating personas to build empathy and inform personalization, to design and UX testing, to building user centric taxonomies that map to the customer journey, we live by the principle that a great user experience is the key building block to achieving business goals.

Using digital tools to imagine interactive experiences

We believe that in order to create a great interactive experience for your users, you have to start by creating an interactive experience. We have reinvented the way we develop UX and design by doing away with static PDF wireframes.

Our approach to design and customer experience modeling uses our unique clickable model process. We work iteratively with our customers to envision and create solutions in a whole new way. The result is a more satisfying experience for our customers and award-winning designs.

Case Study

Deliver a comprehensive digital strategy and translate it into award-winning creative.